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Taking the Stress Out of College Success™

The college application process can be very stressful. We guide students and their families through the entire process to reduce anxiety and find the college that is the right fit for you. We listen to students and help them find their unique voice, then ensure that voice comes through in their college applications.

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Fit Happens™

Know this - you will find a college that you like and that likes you back! We've helped dozens of students find and gain admission to the best school for them. We have broad experience with students of all levels, including average students, above-average students, and those applying to highly selective colleges.

Areas of Practice

Our primary focus is on College Counseling. Our staff has broad and deep expertise in the following practice areas:

  • College Counseling and Placement for domestic and int'l students in US Four-Year Colleges
  • College Athletic Recruiting for Soccer, Track, Golf, and other sports
  • High School Placement for both domestic and international students
  • Graduate School Applications and Placement (Masters, PhD) - emphasis on STEM majors
  • Medical School Applications and Placement