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T.R. - Parent from New Jersey

"To be honest, when my son and I starting working with First Choice, I was somewhat skeptical. Having helped two (much older) daughters get into elite undergraduate and graduate schools and having read extensively about the admissions process today for my two high school boys, I thought I knew pretty much all that was necessary. In addition, I spoke with several college guidance counselors and so-called 'experts' in the field. Well, now I can say I was mistaken. First Choice added many insights and valuable suggestions to the process, both before applying and after the applications were submitted. My family is most grateful for their help and would definitely recommend their services."

L.S. - Student from Massachusetts

"I know my mom has already told you this, but tonight I received an acceptance letter from MIT! While we're celebrating, I really want to thank you for being so open and helpful during the application process and beyond (I needed that last-minute pep talk). I am truly lucky to have had such support. If you are around this summer, I'd love to see you at my graduation party! Thanks again, you've helped me out more than you know."

C.G. - Parent from New Jersey

"After our son was deferred by his early action college, we contacted First Choice for guidance in his application process. They provided thoughtful and expert advice, despite it being very close to the regular application deadline. Their valuable input included vetting the list of potential colleges. Along with their in-depth knowledge of many colleges, First Choice showed us how to interpret Naviance scatter plots to estimate the probability of acceptance based upon our high school's track record of placing students at each college. This provided much needed reassurance that my son was applying to the right mix of probable, target, and stretch schools. They also provided invaluable help framing my son's narrative and then giving tangible advice on how to persuasively weave it into essays for each college. First Choice helped reduce the uncertainty during what would otherwise have been an extremely stressful time for our family."

M.C. - Recruited Student-Athlete from New Jersey

"Thank you for all your guidance and especially for the list of things to do after submitting applications; it really helps out!! I got an offer from a top D1 school (Columbia). It was a very, very tough decision, but I am putting all my efforts towards MIT and hoping to hear from them soon. Thank you so much again for our mock interview session. The MIT interview went very well, and I felt I was much more prepared because of your advice. I will be recommending First Choice to my high school friends and soccer teammates." [M.C. was admitted to MIT, Harvard, and other colleges during Regular Decision. His parents add: "Thank you for helping our son shine like a star!!"]

P.C. - Parent of Recruited Student-Athlete from New Jersey

"Thank you for all your great advice!! And thank you for taking the time to provide the email wording we could send to the coach. The meeting with the RU coach went really well, and Matt just got a call from NJIT's coach. Wow!! He got accepted to the RU Business School today, which is a big deal for him. So much to learn about and consider, and I'm sure we'll have lots of questions. It is nice to feel so happy after such a tough road. It's just amazing how it has worked out so positively. Yes, we are in shock. We really appreciate your insights, advice, and encouragement."